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Dear international customer!

Thank you visiting ASM today. While working on a „real“ native English website version and have already translated quite a lot, we implemented Google Translator in for all other languages, as well as for the non-translated parts. Thus, we hope to better serve our international customers. Please use Google translate on your own caution and pay attention to the fact that only the German version is regulatory binding. Nevertheless, we hope you enjoy it and it might be useful for you.

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19.10.2023 Moving fullsteam

Dear Model railroaders,

It has been a long time since the last news entry. And indeed: very, very little has happened in the past months. We have been waiting for the delivery of long ordered models, in vain so far. This is changing now.

In November, the post-production of the Married Couple wagons in H0 will arrive with us. It is currently in final assembly and in the test phase at the factory in China. So the long wait is over. We have postponed the NOB, Hectorrail and NIAG locomotives to the end of the I quarter 2024 for delivery. We appreciate the tight schedule of the factory, but after the experiences of the past 12 months we do not want to raise expectations that cannot be fulfilled in the end because too little buffer time was planned.


N-gauge model railway enthusiasts are eagerly awaiting the reissue of the Czech seat cars. These will now be delivered in January 2024. Our trains will then be completely available again.

Now you are probably asking yourself: are there any novelties??? Yes, there are. We will announce them when they are on their way to us. We had announced this after the experience with the March train cars and we are sticking to it. Otherwise, disappointment would be inevitable in the event of delays in delivery. But we can reveal this much: at the end of this year there will be a new H0 model, followed by two more for N gauge in 2024.

We are now moving full steam ahead with our beautiful hobby!

Many greetings

the ASM team


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31.12.2022 Year out, year in – and an interesting piece of information for customers from Austria

Another year is coming to an end. For us it was by far the most challenging year so far. Start-up difficulties with the H0 models, the need to take over the storage and shipping services ourselves at short notice, and the uncertain prospect of what rising prices might mean for us.

Not all the remnants of these challenges have been eliminated yet, but we have fought our way forward and look to 2023 with confidence. There will be new models, new moulds and painting and printing variants of existing models.  The long-announced diesel locomotive in H0 will also be delivered in 2023, together with the reissue of the NOB’s Married-Pair wagons, the demand for which was pleasantly surprisingly much higher than we had assumed.

Before we say goodbye to the new year, we have some information for all customers from Austria. On 1 January 2023, an amendment to the Packaging Ordinance will come into effect, which stipulates that we, as an online retailer, must appoint a notarially authorised representative in Austria to monitor compliance with the Packaging Ordinance on our behalf when shipping to private customers in Austria. For us, this would be additional bureaucratic and financial effort (we already do this in Germany) and would be disproportionate to the revenue. Moreover, we are of the opinion that exactly this would be a nice task for an EU-wide regulation and not – to hinder the intra-European movement of goods – a national task. Therefore, until further notice, we will no longer ship to private customers in Austria until another possibility presents itself. We ask for your understanding and recommend that you talk to your respective member of the National Council.

2022 is going to the siding, for 2023 the train notification has already been sent. We are ready to leave.

Thank you all for your loyalty, patience and the many good discussions on these and possible further models.

A Happy New Year to all of you

Christian Arndt
and the ASM team

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10.11.2022 Re-launch, dates, outlook

Finally! The Czech dining cars and the seating cars are available again! We are serving as of now.

And we are preparing the next re-production, as some of the Czech EuroCity cars are already sold out again. That means: the models will still be available from us.

At the end of November, the still outstanding Norwegian sets with dining cars and locomotive will be ready and then delivered immediately.

Contrary to previous assumptions, the reissue of the Married pair cars will not be with us until spring 2023. This is a little disappointing, as we had hoped that these would be available again in time for Christmas. The only consolation here is that the phase of anticipation will now last a little longer and that everyone who orders will receive their model. We have reordered enough.

The DE2700 diesel locomotive will also be released in late spring.

The factory in China has been working diligently to make up for the backlog. We are now hoping for the best for 2023 and are putting a new design for 2023 into the mould shop next week.

Your team from ASM

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18.10.2022 Felix Austria!

Als Neuheit 2022 stellen wir vor: die druckdichten ÖBB-EuroCity-Wagen.

Die ÖBB sahen ab Ende der 80er Jahre einen Bedarf für druckdichte Reisezuwagen für 200 Km/h, insbesondere für den Verkehr nach Deutschland. So wurden ab 1987 über mehrere Jahre fünf verschiedene Wagentypen bei Simmering-Graz-Pauker (später Siemens SGP) in Graz beschafft:

  • Abteilwagen 1. Klasse
  • Abteilwagen 2. Klasse
  • Großraumwagen 2. Klasse
  • Großraumwagen 2. Klasse mit Gepäckabteil
  • Speisewagen

Die Wagen 1. Klasse wiesen zu Anfang noch ein Abteil mit  Telefon auf, das später umgebaut wurde. Der Großraumwagen mit Gepäckabteil wurde später von der 2. zur 1. Klasse aufgewertet. Die Wagen 1. Klasse bekamen beim „Upgrade“ in den Jahren 2004 bis 2006 sogenannte Businessabteile, bei denen im Abteil vier statt sechs Sitze installiert wurden.


Die Wagen kamen gemeinsam mit den sogenannten Modularwagen und Eurofima-Wagentypen der ÖBB im In- und Ausland zum Einsatz, so zum Beispiel im EuroCity „Mozart“ Wien – Paris oder im EuroCity „Prinz Eugen“ von Wien nach Hamburg-Altona.

Unsere Modelle zeigen den InterCity 119 „Bodensee“ von Münster(Westf) Hbf nach Innsbruck Hbf via Köln – Mainz – Stuttgart – Ulm – Bregenz – Bludenz. Dem Zugverband fehlt vorbildgerecht der Speisewagen, die Verpflegung der Fahrgäste erfolgt über eine mobile Minibar.

Bei den Wagen haben wir – wie üblich – viel Wert auf Details gelegt. so sind die Schutzgitter im Wagen mit Gepäckabteil von innen separat eingesetzt.

Und auch bei den Drehgestellen und der Beschriftung haben wir darauf geachtet, dass es vorbildgerecht zugeht. Jeder Wagen hat das vorbildgerecht passende Drehgestell bekommen: MD52 oder SGP 300.

Die Modelle entstanden für MTR Exklusive und sind exklusiv dort erhältlich: mtr-exclusive.de

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22.08.2022 New variants of the Norwegian B7 passenger choaches have arrived!

After our previous Norwegian models were sold out in no time, we have added more. First of all, the highly demanded “Tomato Soup” design has been released. The car numbers have been changed compared to the first models, this time the train destination is Trondheim. The period of use can be chosen from 2009 onwards, but: whatever you like is allowed. For the supplementary coach, which is available separately, we have chosen a 2nd class coach in the experimental livery, which later led to the final Tomatsuppe design.

The following items are available:

  • 18001 with B7-5 27020, B7-6 27048 and B7-4 27011.
  • 18002 with BC7-1 27042 and A7-1 24715
  • 18004 with B7-4 27024

Something missing? Exactly! The dining car and the locomotive are not yet listed. These will be delivered from the beginning of October. It will be the car 21779 with El 18 2254 with city name “Trondheim”. The locomotive will be delivered in the nydesign red/black.

Available now at your dealer or at our webshop.

Many greetings

the team of ASM

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03.06.2022 First the work, then the pleasure

Finally, finally some news from us again! That in advance: don’t worry, ASM is doing well.

Our Marschbahn train models were a protracted occupation at the beginning of the year. Due to a software error, the ones that had been delivered had to be recalled and reprogrammed. At the same time, the many sets that had not yet been delivered also had to be reprogrammed. This is a real challenge for a small supplier, especially from a logistical point of view.

Now, before we talk about new products, we wanted to put in order what should have been in order from the beginning with the marching train cars. In the meantime, the unfulfilled orders have been delivered or are in the process of being delivered. All orders up to August 2021 are included. For all orders placed after that date, we will receive a new delivery.

H0 gauge

In mid-February 2022, we had the opportunity to carry out sound recordings for our model on a DE2700 series diesel locomotive together with experts from ESU. The model is currently being revised, but we can already present a sample:


The body is made of die-cast zinc, the roof section is made of plastic; it is screwed on, so that other versions such as the ME26 with a different fan design compared to the DE2700 are also possible.

And speaking of “further versions”: here, too, something is coming this year. Delivery of the NOB version as well as the surprise is now scheduled for early October; we are waiting for chipsets for the locomotive decoders.

N gauge

At the end of June, the Railcare electric locomotive, which we are launching in cooperation with Lemke Modelleisenbahnen, will be delivered. The analogue version will be released first, the sound version will follow around the end of July. As a small foretaste, here is already a photo of the sample.

For the beginning of August we expect the subsequent delivery of the dining cars of the ČD as well as the seat cars in orange/grey. The April deadline could not be met in the end due to repeated factory closures at the plant in China.

The supplementary coaches for our EC 176 and 177 will not appear this year. The design of the models has been completed. However, in view of increased production costs in China, we want to combine them with further model variants in order to continue to be able to offer reasonable prices. We see this as positive: this way, already planned models can be realised earlier!

For mid-July, we have another version of the B7 cars from Norway in our programme. We are reissuing the popular “Tomatsuppe” design in orange-red-silver, this time with the train destination “Trondheim”.

This time, a 2nd class car in the 2009/11 red/silver experimental livery is included as a supplementary car. In September, the set will be joined by the matching dining car together with electric locomotive El 18 in the Nydesign red/black. The locomotive will be El 18 2254 with city name “Trondheim”.

In addition, the still missing locomotives with sets 188686 and 188689 will also be delivered in September. And we will continue to produce more models for the North in the coming years.

And now: back to work. There will be something new in July.

Your team from ASM

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01.02.2022 Welcome to Switzerland……

For the second time we are not exhibiting at the fair, this time we are showing two locomotive models from a trilateral cooperation project with Wolfgang Lemke GmbH in Haan in the Rhineland and Aare-Valley-Models AG from Tägertschi in the Bernese Mittelland. ASM is responsible for sales in the EU, Aare-Valley-Models for sales in Switzerland.

The ASM model is a Vectron from Railcare, a Swiss logistics company. They are proud of their locomotives, of which we present the 476 455 “Bern”. The basis is a Vectron model from Hobbytrain/Lemke, which is painted and printed true to the original according to our specifications.

Railcare’s Vectrons are on the road throughout Switzerland in freight transport, and the most interesting services are without doubt the container logistics trains of the Swiss supermarket chain Coop. And as a special treat, Railcare even offers cab rides on the Vectron through the Gotthard base tunnel, the Lötschberg tunnel and along the southern foot of the Jura.


The Vectron model from Aare-Valley-Models replicates the locomotive from Widmer-Rail-Service (WRS). This locomotive is also primarily used for freight transport in Switzerland, but thanks to the multi-system equipment it is also capable of being used in other European countries.

Both models will be delivered in the third quarter of 2022.

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31.12.2021 A year comes to an end

Time for some current information.

The passing year started completely different from how it began: quietly. The Czech car models had been delivered and we were all waiting together for the Marschbahn trains in H0 and the Czech dining cars as well as the cars from the EC 100 in orange/grey. And waited.

Various circumstances in China meant that the factory could only work two or three days a week, and so the delivery dates were repeatedly postponed. In addition, from late summer onward, there were imponderables in the transport to Europe. You will have followed this here and there in the news.

In October, the delivery started. And what happened was what you try to avoid as a small company: everything came at once. A challenge for the warehouse, for shipping and communication. But a lot could be managed before Christmas. Then, shortly before Christmas, there was a setback in our shipping department due to illness. We are currently lagging behind the targets we set ourselves and are running at half speed. Shipping times have been greatly extended. We are currently organizing a short-term interim solution until our shipping department is working at 100% again. Therefore, I ask all those who are still waiting for a package for a little patience. And all who are still waiting for the invoice for the order as well.

On the other hand, the models have been very well received, some are already sold out. There will be a re-release of the Marschbahn cars. And also for the EC 100 we are doing a small re-release – different from what we thought. After rather moderate pre-order numbers, this one was practically sold out after only a few days.

Meanwhile, the DE2700 diesel locomotive is making progress, for which a separate article will be published soon. In January, we will make completely new sound recordings for the locomotive family on the living object together with the electronics supplier ESU. We expect the locomotive to be delivered in April/May 2022. Further variants are in preparation.

An outlook on 2022

2022 is planned to be a somewhat quieter year. Our Czech cars continue to be delivered, as well as the marschbahn cars in the NOB version. Another variant is being prepared. In addition, we will of course use our existing molds to offer the Czech supplementary cars for the blue and white EuroCity trains. And we can make even more out of them.

I would like to thank you for your loyalty, your patience and your interest in our models in the past year, and I look forward to you taking a look at our assortment in 2022 as well. There will always be news.

I wish you a happy new year 2022

Christian Arndt


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24.12.2021 Weihnachten

Das Jahr ist fast wieder um. Weihnachten ist da.

Je nachdem, wo man aus dem Fenster sieht, wird es wieder einmal eine eher herbstliche Weihnacht denn eine weiße. Aber das spielt eigentlich auch keine Rolle. Es geht darum, zur Ruhe zu kommen und einmal nicht im alltäglichen Strom der Gedanken, was noch alles zu erledigen sei, mitgerissen zu werden.

Das Team von ASM wünscht Ihnen allen ein ruhiges Weihnachtsfest.

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17.12.2021 We are on the way……

The delivery of marching railway wagons in H0, the building kits and the Czech wagons is running at full speed. Looking at the calendar, the goods arrived very close to Christmas. We are open and honest and do not want to promise anyone that they will have their model delivered by Christmas. We do what we can, and we cannot change the parcel delivery times. But: You will receive your model.

Best regards,

Christian Arndt


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