19.10.2023 Moving fullsteam

Dear Model railroaders,

It has been a long time since the last news entry. And indeed: very, very little has happened in the past months. We have been waiting for the delivery of long ordered models, in vain so far. This is changing now.

In November, the post-production of the Married Couple wagons in H0 will arrive with us. It is currently in final assembly and in the test phase at the factory in China. So the long wait is over. We have postponed the NOB, Hectorrail and NIAG locomotives to the end of the I quarter 2024 for delivery. We appreciate the tight schedule of the factory, but after the experiences of the past 12 months we do not want to raise expectations that cannot be fulfilled in the end because too little buffer time was planned.


N-gauge model railway enthusiasts are eagerly awaiting the reissue of the Czech seat cars. These will now be delivered in January 2024. Our trains will then be completely available again.

Now you are probably asking yourself: are there any novelties??? Yes, there are. We will announce them when they are on their way to us. We had announced this after the experience with the March train cars and we are sticking to it. Otherwise, disappointment would be inevitable in the event of delays in delivery. But we can reveal this much: at the end of this year there will be a new H0 model, followed by two more for N gauge in 2024.

We are now moving full steam ahead with our beautiful hobby!

Many greetings

the ASM team