01.02.2022 Welcome to Switzerland……

For the second time we are not exhibiting at the fair, this time we are showing two locomotive models from a trilateral cooperation project with Wolfgang Lemke GmbH in Haan in the Rhineland and Aare-Valley-Models AG from Tägertschi in the Bernese Mittelland. ASM is responsible for sales in the EU, Aare-Valley-Models for sales in Switzerland.

The ASM model is a Vectron from Railcare, a Swiss logistics company. They are proud of their locomotives, of which we present the 476 455 “Bern”. The basis is a Vectron model from Hobbytrain/Lemke, which is painted and printed true to the original according to our specifications.

Railcare’s Vectrons are on the road throughout Switzerland in freight transport, and the most interesting services are without doubt the container logistics trains of the Swiss supermarket chain Coop. And as a special treat, Railcare even offers cab rides on the Vectron through the Gotthard base tunnel, the Lötschberg tunnel and along the southern foot of the Jura.


The Vectron model from Aare-Valley-Models replicates the locomotive from Widmer-Rail-Service (WRS). This locomotive is also primarily used for freight transport in Switzerland, but thanks to the multi-system equipment it is also capable of being used in other European countries.

Both models will be delivered in the third quarter of 2022.