10.11.2022 Re-launch, dates, outlook

Finally! The Czech dining cars and the seating cars are available again! We are serving as of now.

And we are preparing the next re-production, as some of the Czech EuroCity cars are already sold out again. That means: the models will still be available from us.

At the end of November, the still outstanding Norwegian sets with dining cars and locomotive will be ready and then delivered immediately.

Contrary to previous assumptions, the reissue of the Married pair cars will not be with us until spring 2023. This is a little disappointing, as we had hoped that these would be available again in time for Christmas. The only consolation here is that the phase of anticipation will now last a little longer and that everyone who orders will receive their model. We have reordered enough.

The DE2700 diesel locomotive will also be released in late spring.

The factory in China has been working diligently to make up for the backlog. We are now hoping for the best for 2023 and are putting a new design for 2023 into the mould shop next week.

Your team from ASM