01.01.2024 New Year’s novelty: the Married Pair wagons in H0 in the latest colour scheme

Right at the start of the New Year, we are presenting the “Marschbahnwagen” in their current colour scheme from DB Regio Schleswig-Holstein.

After DB Regio Schleswig-Holstein emerged as the new operator of the Hamburg-Altona – Westerland regional express trains in the 2015 tender for transport services, the coach sets previously used by the Nord-Ostsee-Bahn were taken over by a leasing company and leased to DB Regio. As it was foreseeable that the carriages would be given a new exterior design in the Schleswig-Holstein state design, the previous Nord-Ostsee-Bahn colour concept was only carefully modified. The entrance doors of the carriages were painted turquoise instead of melon yellow, the operator logos were also replaced and the operator of the service, “NAH.SH”, was clearly advertised on the sides of the carriages. Some of the driving trailers were given silver-grey “bibs” on the front, but some remained in the melon yellow of the Nord-Ostsee-Bahn; this is also the case with our model.

All of the models correspond exactly to the prototype in terms of paint and lettering. The cars have close coupler linkages with NEM coupler pockets for close coupling. The interior design is multi-coloured. As with the previous H0 models, these cars also have built-in interior lighting as well as head and tail lighting that changes with the direction of travel. The lighting boards already contain a digital decoder that also works in analogue operation. The operational reliability of the lighting is protected by buffer capacitors (“gold caps”) in each car. The train destination indicators on the carriages are backlit in matching colours. We have had the circuit boards completely redeveloped by the KRES company in Fraureuth near Zwickau, and production also takes place in Fraureuth.

The models are available immediately from stock and from well-stocked specialised dealers. Our models are now supplied to specialist dealers via Wolfgang Lemke GmbH. You can find a list of specialist dealers at: https://lemkecollection.de/haendlersuche/


We wish you a good start to the New Year

Your ASM team

Das Team von ASM