03.06.2022 First the work, then the pleasure

Finally, finally some news from us again! That in advance: don’t worry, ASM is doing well.

Our Marschbahn train models were a protracted occupation at the beginning of the year. Due to a software error, the ones that had been delivered had to be recalled and reprogrammed. At the same time, the many sets that had not yet been delivered also had to be reprogrammed. This is a real challenge for a small supplier, especially from a logistical point of view.

Now, before we talk about new products, we wanted to put in order what should have been in order from the beginning with the marching train cars. In the meantime, the unfulfilled orders have been delivered or are in the process of being delivered. All orders up to August 2021 are included. For all orders placed after that date, we will receive a new delivery.

H0 gauge

In mid-February 2022, we had the opportunity to carry out sound recordings for our model on a DE2700 series diesel locomotive together with experts from ESU. The model is currently being revised, but we can already present a sample:


The body is made of die-cast zinc, the roof section is made of plastic; it is screwed on, so that other versions such as the ME26 with a different fan design compared to the DE2700 are also possible.

And speaking of “further versions”: here, too, something is coming this year. Delivery of the NOB version as well as the surprise is now scheduled for early October; we are waiting for chipsets for the locomotive decoders.

N gauge

At the end of June, the Railcare electric locomotive, which we are launching in cooperation with Lemke Modelleisenbahnen, will be delivered. The analogue version will be released first, the sound version will follow around the end of July. As a small foretaste, here is already a photo of the sample.

For the beginning of August we expect the subsequent delivery of the dining cars of the ČD as well as the seat cars in orange/grey. The April deadline could not be met in the end due to repeated factory closures at the plant in China.

The supplementary coaches for our EC 176 and 177 will not appear this year. The design of the models has been completed. However, in view of increased production costs in China, we want to combine them with further model variants in order to continue to be able to offer reasonable prices. We see this as positive: this way, already planned models can be realised earlier!

For mid-July, we have another version of the B7 cars from Norway in our programme. We are reissuing the popular “Tomatsuppe” design in orange-red-silver, this time with the train destination “Trondheim”.

This time, a 2nd class car in the 2009/11 red/silver experimental livery is included as a supplementary car. In September, the set will be joined by the matching dining car together with electric locomotive El 18 in the Nydesign red/black. The locomotive will be El 18 2254 with city name “Trondheim”.

In addition, the still missing locomotives with sets 188686 and 188689 will also be delivered in September. And we will continue to produce more models for the North in the coming years.

And now: back to work. There will be something new in July.

Your team from ASM