15.04.2021 A silver stripe of hope at the horizon…..

I the passed comments we showed the ongoing with the work on the Norwegian electric loco El 18. Today we would like to show you another step forward in our work. The body caps of the silver-grey locos (set nr. 188692) are ready painted and printed.

And they really look presentable. Fine accurate painting and printing. The silver color has been matched very well compared with the original and is the result of a step-by-step approach. Silvergrey metallic colour is not an easy colour: at first to dark, afterwards the texture did not fit…but now Fischer-Modell matched colour and texture very well.

And also printing is presentable! Lettering of the weights and the manufacturer shield: everything is printed pin sharp.

Also the front sides look very well. On the picture one can also see a special version for NMJ Oslo with traffic red nose and stripes on the side.

How do we now go on with the work? Currently loco frames and snow ploughs are under painting and printing. In parallel the loco body caps in Nydesign will also be painted and printed.
The locos in silver colour will be assembled at first and then be shipped. Currently we do not have exact date for this. But looking to the pictures one can guess that it will not take too much time any more and we are shortly before finishing. Of course you will be informed of the next steps via this website.

With kind regards

your ASM team