02.12.2021 The Marschbahn cars are…. where?

Dear model railway friends,

The Marschbahn cars have arrived. Yes….but where?

After we had started the delivery, we received feedback that the reading and programming of the decoders for the interior lighting did not work in digital mode properly. A test on our part showed that this is true for many digital command stations with the exception of ESU Ecos and Märklin CS1. Analogue operation is not affected.

What happened?

The digital decoder expects a certain pulse length of the signal when reading out and programming. With some digital control units, the required length is not reached, so that the decoder stops working, so to speak.

Why does one do this?

The aim was to get a decoder for the interior lighting that responds equally well to digital and analogue operation. While everything was still in order during the acceptance test with Ecos, Lokprogrammer, Fleischmann Profi-Boss/Intellibox and Märklin CS2, a mistake was made during the final programming, which was not noticed during the test of each individual wagon at the factory. A digital commanding unit was used there whose signal is long enough (Ecos).

And now?

We have stopped the delivery. All cars will receive a software update and will be tested again. This has already been done for some of the models, which are being delivered as of today. Your dealer and ASM will take care of the goods that have already been delivered; the respective dealers have been informed.

This is all very annoying, especially in the run-up to Christmas. However, we are working flat out to rectify the situation.

Thank you all for your understanding.

Best regards,

Christian Arndt