13.05.2021 ARRIVAL!

It took a long, long while..but: it was worth the time of waiting as promised! We can now present the first models of the electric loco El 18 of the NSB!

Our model of El 18 2243 from set 188692 corresponds very well with the original. The silver-grey metallic shiny basic painting and the grey contrast area on the sides, on the front and the roof. We attached importance to match the brilliance of the silver colour of the original also with the model. What might be interesting to know: the silver colour of loco and wagons of the original differs in shade and texture because of different workshops they have been painted in

The models are mounted with open snow ploughs and coupler. Two closed snow ploughs are attached to the box. To mount them the body shell has to be removed following the instruction in the instruction manual. The snow plough then can be removed by spreading carefully the holding catch and taking away the plough. The new plough then can be pushed to the loco vice versa.

For NMJ in Oslo a special model was created for their 40th anniversary of the company:

This loco differs with its red contrast areas on front and sides from the regular model. The roof of this model is – as at the regular model – grey. And following the original the NSB logo misses at this loco number El 18 2253. This painting scheme was a test for a new design for the locos. It has been replaced after a short time by the silver and grey one of our regular model.

Just see yourselve: red? Or is grey better? Hmmmm….. the painting is anyway excellent. And also the printing of our Norwegian draught horses (or better: draught elks) is a feast for the eyes!

We like them both! And now for the first time available in 1:160. But: unfortunately with a drop of bitterness: all models are sold out at our warehouse…..

….but: we will carry on. Approximately at the beginning of 2022 we will present the next models of El 18. There are some variations left we would like to offer as a model. With landscape on the sides, as Cargo, Vy, Go-Ahead, a rerun as….what can we do? We go on working to bring more models to Norwegian, to Scancinavian model railway layouts in 1:160.

Your team of ASM.