Set 188686: NSB express train dining car FR7-3 with loco El18

Set 188686: NSB Expresszug-Speisewagen FR7-3 mit passender Lok El18

Set 188686: NSB express train dining car FR7-3 with loco El18


Set 188686: NSB Expresszug-Speisewagen FR7-3 mit passender Lok El18

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Set 188686
Express train dining car of the NSB, type FR7-3 in “Nydesign” painting scheme, era 1998 to 2003. example-like painting and lettering. Replica of the original interior. Seperately fitted entrance doors with handle bar. At the car’s end exchangeable bellows (open/closed). Seperate steps of etch metal. Prepared for interior light. Metal axle-bearing for interior light without plugs. Short coupling crank.

Electric loco class El 18 of the NSB in “Nydesign” painting scheme, era 1998 to 2003. Model made in cooperation with Fleischmann on basis of a model of the Re 460 of the SBB. Example-like painting and lettering, fitted with snow plugs. Short coupler crank, digital interface for NEM 651 decoders. Changing front lights white/red. Power on four axles, two with rubber tyres.

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About the product:

Norwegian express train cars type 7 (B7)

For the new express trains on the „Dovre“ line from Oslo to Trondheim, starting in Mai 1982, Norwegian State Railways (NSB) ordered 30 new passenger cars at NEBB in Strømmen in three varieties (2nd class, 1st/2nd class, Bistro/baggage car). The cars were prepared for tilting system which explains their curved side walls to keep the loading gauge. The tiliting system was never in regular service. For these express trains the electric Loco El 17 was ordered, it was built by Henschel in Kassel, Germany.

Through the years the type 7 cars were rebuilt several times and fitted with new seats or new interior, for example with children’s compartment, the 1st/2nd class cars were substituted by 1st class cars.

In the middle oft he 90s new bought electric locos class El 18 from Switzerland (see our models) substituted the El 18. Now it was possible to rise the reliability and to extend these express trains from six to seven cars.

In 2005 NSB launched a new color scheme, named „tomato soup“ by the people. It was also taken for the type 7 cars. The cars were rebuilt again in parallel technically and internally and fitted with new furniture and boxes at the underframe. The cars are still in service in Norway.

Electric loco class El 18 of the NSB (Norwegian State Railways)

At the beginning oft he 90s NSB needed further electric locos especially for express train service. The existing locos class El 17 had a lack of power for the longer and heavier trains, their construction was too light weighted.

In 1993 NSB made test runs with the electric loco „EuroSprinter“ by Siemens and class Re 460 of the Swiss Federal Railways (SBB). For this reason the Swiss locos got named „Finse“ and „Lillehammer“ with fitting logos on the side walls.

Norwegian loco drivers were in favour for the El 18 (the Swiss loco) so it was obtained by NSB in 1995. Compared to the Swiss Re 460 the El 18 has some technical and optical differences of which the snow plugs are the most eye-catching ones. The locos haul almost every train service in Norway but their main service is hauling express trains with the passenger cars of type 7 (see our models).