597102: Additional car set Marschbahn NOB (AC)

597102: Ergänzungs-Wagenset Marschbahn NOB (Wechselstrom)

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597102 Additional car set “Marschbahn” of “Nord-Ostsee-Bahn” in scheme between2006 and approx. 2010 (AC)

Destination: „Westerland(Sylt)“, car park number MB 3.
The car set consists one middle car 2. class with WC and electrical power unit and one middle car without WC

Example-like painting and printing and replica of the interior and bellows. Bellows and air spring on the trucks made of rubber. Many separate parts, partly as etch detail

All cars have short coupler kinematics and can be equipped with couplers following NEM. All cars with integrated interior light with DCC decoder working also in analogue mode. Power collection via half-axles and metal mounting in the trucks; AC version with pickup shoe

This set can be completed with article 597101 to built a six car train as it is run on the „Marschbahn“ between Hamburg and Westerland(Sylt).


Ergänzungs-Wagenset „Marschbahn“ der Nord-Ostsee-Bahn in der Ausführung von 2006 bis ca. 2010

(design sketch)