15.12.2021 New models available: Dining cars, EuroCity and house kits in delivery

The Czech dining cars are here!

-> Delivery will start on 19 December.

The EuroCity 100 “Jože Plečnik”, consisting of the Czech EuroCity cars in the original orange/grey livery has also arrived.

The matching dining car is of course also part of it

-> The number of pre-orders for this train was high, secure your model in time. There will be no further edition of this EC 100 train.

Also the nice lasercut house kits in Scandinavian wooden house style “Lyngstad gård” are available.

-> They can be ordered now from your dealer or from us.

The finished house can be equipped with interior lighting. Each room can be lit individually; interior walls make this possible. Additions for the enclosure are planned for next year, so that the building ensemble can be completed.

Many greetings,

the team from ASM