28.05.2021 When will you be mine….

…this is the title of an old song by the Bay City Rollers many years ago. And it is the question some of our customers who pre-ordered the “Marschbahnwagen” and the Czech dining cars.

After we now clearified the last status of production we would like to answer this question.

Marschbahnwagen:: The cars are completely produced, packed and will go on the journey to us this week. We expect them to arrive around the first days of July, so a few weeks later than we wanted to have them. But: we think it is worth it to wait. They will be here soon.

Diesel loco DE2700:: This machine is delayed and shifted to the beginning of October. Production capacities in the workshop are fully booked. Already in February the workshop got a new machine and new crew members but it takes time to steer it in. So please be patient for some additional time for this loco.

Czech dining car N scale: These will be delivered in August, together with all cars of EC100.

Future models we will announce shortly before they are ready to leave the factory in China. All of us have a benefit of this and no one will have to pend for too long time on his models.

Maybe this is of interest: our models will now reach us by railway! The freight costs for railway transport decreased significantly and is now almost on the level of sea transport. Minimal additional costs, shortage of the sending time on around half of the time for sea transport and in addition a benefit for the environment. A benefit for all of us.

Sincerly, your team of ASM