23.07.2021 Some news

Dear partner, colleague and model railroader,

Some news from our side. There is finally another new delivery. This time it is the set 188686 of the NSB, i.e. El 18 2246 and the matching dining car in Nydesign. The train destination is Bergen. Next week the set will be shipped out. Enclosed you will find some pictures of the locomotive and some printing details. Please keep in mind: these are extreme close-ups of a 1:160 scale model! The precision and sharpness of the printing are more than impressive.

The set 188689 with loco El 18 2241 and dining car, train destination Oslo, is expected to be delivered in November. Unfortunately, more cases for samples were needed during production than planned. We will have to wait for a subsequent delivery in October. But you can already get an impression of how good the model will be.

Unfortunately, the delivery dates of the other models will also be postponed. The reason: our factory in Southern China, in Guangdong, can currently only produce at half power. There are power rationings, the power plants are not producing according to demand due to a lack of cooling water. I don’t even want to comment on that, at the moment we all have to deal with it.

The Marschbahn models will be delivered around the beginning of September.
The dining cars WRmz 815 of the Czech Railways as well as the Czech cars of the EC100 will follow approx. mid-October
Shortly before Christmas, so the current hope, the DE2700 diesel loco of the Nord-Ostsee-Bahn will be delivered.

I regret not being able to bring you more positive news. On the other hand, this gives you a little more time for anticipation. All other new models we are working on we will announce not before they left the factory.

Many thanks for your loyalty and anticipation.

With kind regards,

Christian Arndt