22.09.2021 Marschbahn is coming to us

After long delays, the time has come. The H0-Marschbahn wagons are actually making the journey from China to us today. We expect delivery from the ASM warehouse from mid-October. All orders will be fulfilled. We have even increased the quantity in production in the meantime.

Why are the Marschbahn cars now eleven months late?
First of all, the circuit boards for the interior lighting were finished too late and thus arrived at the factory too late. As a result, the entire production process slipped backwards.
Constructional difficulties were discovered during installation, which is why there had to be a few changes to the pilot car.
Last but not least, there was a drought in southern China during the summer, which indirectly affected production: there was not enough water for the power plants and thus not enough electricity for the industry. The factory was only able to work two to three days a week, which extended the production period by about six weeks.

Future announcements will therefore only be made close to the time of shipment from the factory in China in order to keep disappointments smaller.

Enclosed are some quick shots taken of the production samples that arrived on Friday. Please note that some of these are macro shots where you can even see dust particles or lint in great detail that would not be visible when looking to it only with your eyes. We had to hurry because the models had to go on the test layout immediately after the “cat walk”.

A test of patience for all of us, but: the wait is over. Look forward to the beautiful models!

Mit besten Grüßen, with kind regards,

Christian Arndt