13.10.2021 We’re building up steam! Married pair cars of the Marschbahn in delivery

Last Friday, the first two of six pallets with the Marschbahn models arrived. We have unpacked them and are now shipping them successively according to the incoming orders.

With the two pallets, the basic packs 59001 and 59101 have arrived first. Further basic packs and the supplementary sets are still on their way to us.

The devil crept in when printing the product information on the pack pages. Instead of “59001” and “59101”, for example, you will find “597001” and “597101”. The content is correct, the seven is too many. We ask you to overlook this small flaw.

So: we have pulled out all the stops, look forward with us to the North German models and to your own personal Marschbahn set.